Liz Shepherd came up with the idea to document the growth and development of community centres in Hull and discussed it with Roslyn Abbott, the community development worker who had been employed by the Hull Federation of Community Organisations (HFCO) from 1985 to 1994.

It was agreed that Hull had been part of a unique period in the way communities had come together at this particular time in history. Liz and Roslyn felt that lessons could be learnt from the rise and demise of community centres i.e. why had some centres continued and some not.

This proposal was potentially a massive piece of work so, under the umbrella of Carnegie Heritage Centre, a successful bid was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund, to document for posterity the history and development of Hull’s community centres.

Ann Hindley

Consultant Ann Hindley was appointed in April 2023 and set to work looking through all the archived paperwork which had been filed at the Lonsdale Community Centre. The findings from Ann’s research are documented in the printed report and there is a lot more information available on this web site which can be added to as more information comes to light. Some of the HFCO paperwork may not be of interest but will be reviewed over the next few months.

Ann Hindley is an independent community development consultant living on the south bank of the Humber. She has worked in the community and voluntary and faith sectors for 46 years as a community development worker, advice worker, consultant, volunteer and trustee. Much of her work is concerned with supporting community buildings in some way. She worked as Regional Co-ordinator for Community Matters for Yorkshire and the Humber from 2007-2010 and as an associate for them until they closed in 2016. Her PhD involved researching women’s role in rural community development.