John Science

Bob Carver’s Fish and Chip Restaurant, 9 Trinity House Lane, HU1 2JA. Grid D3

American Chip Spice was first introduced by Hull man John Science in 1979, at his Yankeeburger restaurant in Jameson Street, one of the first American style fast food outlets in Hull. The spice was initially a blend of spice salt and paprika, supplied by the local Spice Blenders Company, and John then added his “secret ingredients” to it to make it into his American Chip Spice. The spice soon became popular in fish and chip takeaways across the city – Bob Carver’s is an example of these – and is now sold in local shops and some national supermarket chains. This success enabled John to open a Yankeeburger at the bottom of the Hessle Road flyover in 1991, with its iconic pink Corvette on the roof. The restaurant site now houses an ambulance station.

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