Burton Constable Hall

Burton Constable Hall, Skirlaugh, HU11 4LN

In July 1845, the first formal, documented brass band contest in the UK took place at Burton Constable Hall, the seat of Sir Clifford ConstableThe contest was part of a day of festivities for local villagers, and was suggested by Sir Clifford’s sister-in-law, who had seen a similar contest in the South of France. The bands could have a maximum of twelve players, with no percussion instruments allowed. Five local bands entered the contest, competing for prizes of £12 for the winner and £8 for the runner up. The winner was the Wolds Brass Band, after a play off with the Holmes Tannery Band. Attending the event was a local musician Enderby Jackson, who went on to organise more brass band contests, including one at the Hull Zoological Gardens in Spring Bank in June 1856 which attracted an audience of 12,000 people. He also organised contests at Crystal Palace, bringing amateur brass bands into London for the first time.

Bishop Alison White