Dr Mary Murdoch

Plaque on Grosvenor House, 100-102 Beverley Road (where Mary lived), HU3 1YA
Victoria House, Park Street (former Victoria Hospital for Sick Children, where Mary worked), HU2 8TD

Dr Mary Murdoch was born in Scotland in 1864, and graduated from the London School of Medicine for Women in 1893. Her first post was as House Surgeon at the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children in Park Street. In 1900, Mary appointed Dr Louisa Martindale as her assistant, and they lived together at Grosvenor House in Beverley Road. In 1910, Mary became Hull’s first female GP. Mary also became heavily involved in the suffragette movement, founding the Hull Women’s Suffrage Society in 1904, and campaigning vigorously for the cause. She died in 1916, after a short illness.

Professor George Gray