Hull Municipal Crematorium

Hedon Road Cemetery, Hedon Road, HU9 5LY

Standing at the north east corner of Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull Municipal Crematorium is the first municipal crematorium to be built in the country. This was first proposed by Dr W. Holder, in a paper he read to the Hull Literary Club in 1891. The proposal was passed by the Council in 1892, but it appeared doubtful that local authorities could spend money on crematoria; the proposal was therefore included in the 1897 Kingston upon Hull Improvement Bill, which was passed by Parliament. The foundation stone of the crematorium was laid in October 1899, and the building opened in January 1901. Although the rates were made affordable for the ordinary citizens of Hull, they were slow to accept cremation as an alternative to burial, so only 17 cremations took place that year and by 1926, this figure had risen to only 55 per year. The Grade II listed crematorium building was closed in the early 1960s.

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