Queen’s Dock

Queen’s Gardens, Dock Street, HU1 3DZ. Grid D2

Hull’s original “dock” was the River Hull itself, known as the Old Harbour. By the 18th century, it was becoming congested and unfit for the amount of trade passing through it, resulting in delays in handling and shipping; it was also narrow, tidal and increasingly silted up. In 1773, the Hull Dock Company was formed, the first statutory dock company in Britain. In 1778, the company built Hull’s first dock, initially known as The Dock and after 1855, as Queen’s Dock. The dock entrance was on the River Hull, south of North Bridge. This dock was followed by Humber Dock in 1809 and Junction Dock (now Princes Dock) in 1829; the three docks were built along the line of the town’s medieval walls, and were known as the Town Docks. Queen’s Dock closed in 1930 and sold to Hull Corporation for £100,000. It was subsequently filled in to become Queen’s Gardens.

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